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Londonderry – Bass River

Londonderry - Bass River

Nova Scotia, Canada

Historically Prolific Region

Past Production and Highlights IOCG – Nova Scotia

Significant IOCG Potential

Iron oxide copper-gold (IOCG) mineralized systems typically have high probability for large resource development – Below are some examples elsewhere in the world.

Overview and History

A Nova Scotia IOCG Project

Past Minotaur Exploration

Londonderry & Bass River Claims

37 Kms & 6300+ Hectares Under Claim

Nanospectra Technology

Mongoose Utilizing Technology

New advanced mineral investigation techniques have been developed using Nanospectra Geophysics (NSG) to assist in regional exploration and improve mineral target confidence. NSG methods are employed in a collaborative, dynamic process directed toward an improved mineral exploration program.

The NSG Difference   –   Expertise & Innovation

Nanospectra have invested in developing the skills and technologies needed to investigate complex subsurface mineralization in any environment.

Global Reach

The technology can deploy worldwide in any season, climate and at all land-based altitudes.

Target Mineral Trends

NSG  can identify actual specific mineral trends which can include gold, silver, copper, nickel and many others.

Preliminary Results from Nanospectra

Preliminary modeling results from initial data acquired from Nanospectra Technology on the Londonderry claim block. 

Every element and compound, both organic and inorganic, naturally generates a distinct signature in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Hyperspectral remote sensing employs sensors, fixed on satellites, which measure this radiation as it is emitted off Earth’s surface. Hyperspectral raw measurements are then de-convolved into >200 discrete wavelength bands within each pixel or instantaneous field of view (Tulk, 2016). Observations are cross-correlated with a library of known spectra to diagnose sources and isolate spectral signatures of interest. The hyperspectral technique differs from the conventional multi-spectral method– the latter only focuses on the spectra of only a few dominant high frequency Wave lengths

Large Geophysics Database

Largest Gravity Anomaly in the Province – 12km x 4km

Minotaur NS-24 Residual Gravity

One of 18 Priority Drill Targets (Proposed Hole)

*Planned, but not yet Drilled

Minotaur Targets NS27 & NS27C (Not Yet Drilled)

Bass River

Priority Target for Future Drill Program

The holes were shallow, less then 75M in-depth.
Similar deposits worldwide show better grade in the heart of the deposit than at the surface. As seen on the slide, the holes just clipped the main IP target.
Historic work programs identified cobalt concentrates as high as 12000 ppm and gold concentrations as high as 2204 ppb.

**  Technical Results of drill holes can be found on Sedar. Press release by Chilean metals July 23, 2018. Re-assays of holes that were drilled in 1987 found at the NS Department of Natural Resources

The Bass River Project is a Cobalt/Gold and Iron Oxide target with an enticing set of scientific evidence that it could become a significant target.

Bass River IP Model

Drill Ready IOCG Targets

Iron/Cobalt/Gold drill targets established based on IP / Mag Modeling